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The traditional school model of attending a set of required courses with pre-arranged electives has not provided scholars with connections to real world application and realistic career options. Academy of Media Arts scholars have selections that include the structure of their day, the projects utilized to demonstrate proficiency and how they prefer to interact in their communities.

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AMA Virtual Back to School Night

Academy of Media Arts is preparing scholars for the future of work through their innovative Project Based Learning curriculum framework. Witness the p...

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Academy of Media Arts Exhibition of learning 2020

AMA scholars embodied their CHOICE connection of Creativity despite the COVID19 pandemic. AMA families and scholars hosted its annual Exhibition of Le...

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Plait Leadership Program

To ensure that we are building upon the talents of our students and their executive functioning skills, AMA will implement the PLAIT leadership program. We will use a scholar’s leadership style to help them develop habits that utilize their strengths, while acknowledging and adjusting for their individual challenges. Scholars will select their goal to become one of the following and focus on the goal daily in Advisory and through their actions both in and outside of the classroom.:

Pioneer: team leader, follows instructions, an originator
Leader: directs others, creates their own way
Artist: Autonomous creators, shares expertise, helps others
Icon: ideal citizen, conscientious contributor
Titan: influential scholar, meets challenges and helps peers

AMA Core Values

Academy of Media Arts core values are based in C.H.O.I.C.E, which is the acronym for Creativity, Honesty, Opportunity, Integrity, Collaboration, and Enthusiasm.

Creativity: AMA defines creativity by its ability to peak a scholars’ curiosity. AMA believes that anything innovative begins with creativity.
Honesty: AMA defines honesty through being authentic to oneself. AMA believes there is a purpose behind each person having a unique fingerprint.
Opportunity: AMA defines opportunity as the ability to create your own.
Integrity: AMA defines integrity through its “We over I” philosophy.
Collaboration: A collaborative mindset is the ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments without ego so that curiosity and openness will rise in the course of dealing with uncomfortable circumstances.
Enthusiasm: AMA defines enthusiasm by a scholar’s ability to view the process of becoming an innovative thinker as exciting

AMA Career Opportunities
English Teacher

English teachers provide the foundation for the critical elements of the English language within an interdisciplinary...

2009 W Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90062

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History Teacher

The history teacher provides the foundation for the critical lens in analyzing current events through a historical...

2009 W Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90062

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Science Teacher

Science teachers inspire thought and provoke a critical thinking approach to the intricate details of the world...

2009 W Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90062

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