The Catalyst For Launching
Academy Of Media Arts Began With The New Media Arts Nonprofit Organization, Choice Group Inc, (CGI).

Mr. Hammond's vision for providing career pathways for inner city and foster youth began as a result of being a 9-year-old caregiver while his mother battled the illness of drug addiction. Having a career pathway through music and technology saved Mr. Hammond's life. Mr. Hammond founded a New Media Arts program (Choice Group, Inc.) which has scaled into Academy of Media Arts.

For the past twelve years, Choice Group Inc (CGI) has trained scholars for jobs and innovative skills for the future of work. Choice Group Career to Pathway Programs/ New Media Arts Program offers 3D Game Design and Music Production Programs within the Baldwin Village community. The Career to Pathway/New Media Arts Programs serves as a pipeline for inner city and foster youth into the tech and creative industries.
As a result of the success of Dana's team with Choice Group Inc (CGI), he is launching Academy of Media Arts in efforts to scale his focus on New Media Arts.