English Teacher

About Academy of Media Arts:

The catalyst for launching Academy of Media Arts began with the new media arts nonprofit organization, Choice Group Inc, (CGI). Mr. Hammond’s vision for providing career pathway for inner city and foster youth began as a result of Mr. Hammond surviving as a 9 year old caregiver while his mother battled with the illness of drug addiction. Having a career pathway through music and technology saved Mr. Hammond life. Mr. Hammond founded a new media arts program Choice Group Inc which has scaled into Academy of Media Arts.

For the past twelve years, Choice Group Inc (CGI) has trained scholars for jobs and innovative skills for the future of work. Choice Group Career to Pathway Programs/ New Media Arts Program offers 3D Game Design and Music Production Programs within the Baldwin Village community. The Career to Pathway/New Media Arts Programs serves as a pipeline for inner city and foster youth into the tech and creative industries.

As a result of the success of Dana's team with Choice Group Inc (CGI), he is launching Academy of Media Arts in efforts to scale his focus on New Media Arts.

Mission: AMA is committed to creating an environment that merges science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) into a cultivating bridge for new media arts and related areas of career development opportunities within the digital age.

AMA Core Values:

Academy of Media Arts core values are based in C.H.O.I.C.E, which is the acronym for Creativity, Honesty, Opportunity, Integrity, Collaboration, and Enthusiasm.

Creativity: AMA defines creativity by its ability to peak a scholars’ curiosity. AMA believes that anything innovative begins with creativity.

Honesty: AMA defines honesty through being authentic to oneself. AMA believes there is a purpose behind each person having a unique fingerprint.

Opportunity: AMA defines opportunity as the ability to create your own.

Integrity: AMA defines integrity through its “We over I” philosophy.

Collaboration: A collaborative mindset is the ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments without ego so that curiosity and openness will rise in the course of dealing with uncomfortable circumstances.

Enthusiasm: AMA defines enthusiasm by a scholar’s ability to view the process of becoming an innovative thinker as exciting

Academy of Media Arts is driven by one overarching goal for all scholars and that is to prepare scholars for the future of work. How do you predict what that future will be? AMA believes that we prepare scholars for the future of work by creating an environment of innovative thinkers, who will be able to tackle the careers that are yet unknown.

Description of Position:

English teachers provide the foundation for the critical elements of the English language within an interdisciplinary structure, Project- Based Learning and Blended Learning Approach. English teachers inspire scholars to use language as a way to express their inherent creativity. The English teacher candidate will be confident in teaching the fundamentals of writing, reading comprehension, diction and word application. The ideal candidate will embody the following leadership characteristics:

Core Knowledge: Strong teaching pedagogy and content knowledge around effective teaching strategies and professional development implementation. The capacity to plan and deliver highly effective and efficient instruction to meet the needs of all scholars.

Core Skills: Alignment with AMA’s teaching pedagogy. AMA’s academic model is based on Project Based Learning (PBL), Culturally Responsive Teaching, Blended Learning, and Career Technical Education.

Core Mindset: Servant leadership with the ability to motivate AMA’s scholars to possess the commitment, grit, accountability, and creativity to succeed with AMA’s instructional model.

Qualities of an AMA Teacher:

  • Confident and compassionate leader willing and able to anticipate the needs of diverse scholars
  • Models a growth mindset mentality and love for learning
  • Collaborates and communicates with scholars, their families, colleagues, and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrates and shares best practices in blended and project-based learning both internally and externally
  • A facilitative teaching style that develops scholars into independent learners
  • Creates a safe and nurturing environment for all scholars
  • Maintains high expectations and accountability for data-driven results
  • Provides differentiated instruction and creates an environment where every student can succeed
  • Keeps abreast of current events and developments in educational innovation and research, and incorporates them into lesson planning to the extent possible
  • Ensures students are growing and gaining or exceeding grade-level standards
  • Confident in Backward design curriculum construction
  • Implements student-centered lessons that incorporate the AMA definition of an educated person and emphasize active learning strategies, project-based learning, and blended learning
  • Develops formal and informal assessments to continually assess the progress of scholars
  • Adheres to all professional expectations as an educator and school leader including punctuality, responsibility, and collaborative planning tutoring students, and other duties that may be assigned
  • Planning for and attending IEP meetings
  • Demonstrates culturally responsive characteristics
  • Knowledge of instructional approaches necessary to guide students to learn 21st-century skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Maintains digital fluency in the quickly evolving world of educational technology


  • A Bachelor’s degree is required
  • You have met the CA Basic Educational Skills requirement
  • You hold a valid CA social science single subject Credential
  • NOTE: Applicants with an out-of-state credential or no credential should visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website before applying. Please check to see that you will be eligible to teach in a California public school by July 2019.

  • You enjoy working with scholars with diverse backgrounds
  • Experience successfully implementing PBL (Preferred)
  • You will need to pass a TB test and Department of Justice background check at the time of offer

The information contained herein is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job, nor is it intended to be an all-inclusive list of the skills and abilities required to perform the job.


Highly competitive salary and benefits package, salary is based on education and experience

An offer of employment will be subject to the successful completion of a background check. AMA is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of AMA to afford equal employment and advancement opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, disability, marital status, medical condition, or any other classification that is protected under applicable local, state, or federal law.

Dana Hammond, Principal / Chief Executive Officer
D: 310.429.7126 O: 424 253.8984