Who We Are

What if this school encouraged scholars to reflect on how they learn and become innovators in society? We are a professional community, administration, faculty, and staff are expected to serve with creativity, honesty, opportunity, integrity, collaboration, and enthusiasm. These core values of CHOICE are the driving core values that will inspire and influence our decision making as we co-create our school culture, traditions, and experience. As the world is constantly changing through innovation and technology, our scholars must be prepared to be global citizens equipped with skills that allow them to be complex problem solvers, critical thinkers, creative producers, collaborators who embrace emotional intelligence, possess a service orientation, and embody cognitive flexibility as identified by the World Economic Forum.

We offer a program that develops scholars into critical thinkers and creative innovators, with the capacity for self-growth by adopting a growth mindset, embracing curiosity, and developing self-efficacy. We provide scholars the tools and educational foundation to become tomorrow’s global citizens, and we strive to teach scholars how their choices impact the world around them. By using the core values as a lens for nstruction, we provide scholars a context in which to explore ideas and observations, to practice inquiry, and to actively problem solve. Throughout their academic career, scholars build core skills across all disciplines, and then actively apply these skills to support the impact of learning. To provide this program, we rely heavily on educators to delve into content and provide authentic opportunities to engage in learning through the Gold Standard of Project Based Learning (PBL). We believe in scholar achievement, and align all professional behaviors to our guiding principles, core values, expanded definition of success and mission/vision.

Academy of Media Arts is driven by one overarching goal for all scholars and that is to prepare scholars for the future of work. How do you predict what that future will be? AMA believes that we prepare scholars for the future of work by creating an environment of innovative thinkers, who will be able to tackle the careers that are yet unknown Academy of Media Arts utilizes a student-and learning-centered instructional design that focuses on the types of thinking students do, the intellectual skills they must develop and what they will take away from the classroom experiences.

To affect their long-term goals. The curriculum is designed to prepare scholars in response to the current and future needs of the labor market. Regardless of whether a scholar chooses to attend college or go directly into a career, they will have access to high quality educational and training opportunities appropriate to each individual's aspirations and abilities. AMA will accomplish this, guided by our design principles, through the implementation of project-based learning, career pathways, programming, and new media arts.